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Student History Resources

Students have been preparing for the Social Studies STAAR test all year long. Teachers have used TEKS aligned lessons, unit tests, and district benchmarks to guide their instruction and students toward mastery of the social studies content.  In-class STAAR review will begin soon after students return from spring break.  Students will be provided with a review booklet, and teachers will use hands on activities to help students work through and review events from 1607 - 1870s. 

Below you will find additional review resources for students to work through independently.

This web-mix includes:

 1. Video Summary Assignments – Students should choose and use one of the three summary forms for “note-taking” while viewing the TEKS aligned clips (this work will serve to enhance what is being done in class).

 2. Video Clips – The TEKS are divided into four "reporting categories" and the videos found in the web-mix serve to support the 8th grade social studies TEKS.  While the clips are in chronologic order, it is NOT necessary for students to view them in this order or to view all of them. The intent of the web-mix is for a more personalized review of the Social Studies curriculum. Students should pick and choose any TEKS topic they feel the need to review.

 3. Biographies – U.S. History TEKS include numerous people, some are more well-known than others.  There are three tiles in this web-mix dedicated to the review of U.S. History historical figures.

 4. Quizlet – During the year students encounter a huge amount of academic vocabulary. Understanding the language of the course is essential to their success.  The reaming tiles on the web-mix are dedicated to “Academic Vocabulary” and can be practiced using the Quizlet links below.