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Diamondback Cheerleading

Common Questions and Answers

What is the purpose of South Cheer:

To promote school spirit and be leaders in our community. South cheerleaders are expected to be role models in and out of school and engage with their school in a positive manner.


When are Tryouts:

Tryouts will be held in the spring and is open to 7th graders entering 8th grade.


Do I need cheer experience to be a South Cheerleader?

No, you do not need any experience. You will be coached in many aspects of cheer: How to fly, base, backspot, jump etc. All that we ask is that you have a good attitude! Tumbling skills are a great skill to have but not required.


What future can I have beyond South Cheer:

PHS and DHS cheer are both award winning programs in our district. The junior high cheer program will align with the high school programs to prepare you for high school tryouts. Tumbling skills (standing and running back handspring) are required for High school tryouts and can usually be achieved with dedication and ample time frame if joining a tumbling class by your 7th grade year.


Local cheer gyms in the area that offer tumbling classes:

Odyssey Cheer Company
University Cheer
All Star Revolution
Pearland Elite
Supernova Athletics

For any questions about cheer contact


Current: Alfred Duart


Practices are held Tuesday and Thursday mornings

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